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Power Electronics Engineer H/F

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Lucie Grisot

Type of Job


Description :

We are looking for an industry expert to play a leading role in the design and delivery of advanced DC fast charging systems to serve the growing electric vehicle market. This is a development engineering position which offers a significant opportunity for innovation and creativity. You will be working with a team introducing latest state of the art in Power Electronics

Join the team that will build the future of the electric vehicle charging ecosystem.

The Role

Power Electronics Engineer will be required to demonstrate technical knowledge and expertise in the following areas:
In-depth knowledge in AC/DC and DC/DC Bidirectional converters
Demonstrate knowledge of power electronics high frequency converter controls.
Demonstrate power circuit simulation capability with PSpice, PLECS, Matlab/Simulink
Power Converter Modeling and Simulation.
Large power system design and integration.
High Frequency Converter Control Algorithm Development
Power system control and stability analysis.
Experience with the DSP for Power Converters
Fosters collaboration with cross-functional teams and other leaders to drive work to completion and resolve issues
Maintains a safe and professional work environment

Qualifications Requirements - Desired Education, Experience, and Capabilities:

· BSEE, MSEE or PhD in Power Electronics or equivalent on power system and Converter/Inverter control.

Tools: PLECS, MATLAB/Simulink, PSIM, PSpice.
Design and integration of high power DC and AC converters in the 100kW range.
Knowledge of Power Quality issues: (Harmonics, imbalance, transients, etc.)
Electrical Engineering degree with exposure to Power Electronics and Power Engineering
Ability to work effectively within a team in a fast-paced changing environment
Grid tie inverter or charger for electrical vehicle experience is a plus but not required
Networked into global charging infrastructure and services supply base is a plus

Addresse :

Lyon, France

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